Healing with Hypnosis - a 6 week class for women-


Healing with Hypnosis

A Six Week Class For Women -

An Innovative Class Using Hypnosis and Journaling To Make Positive Changes In Your Life

 Hypnosis is safe, gentle and powerful - helping you achieve your goals.

  Class schedule:
  • Wednesday group - led by Nancy Mac - next group begins April 17
  • Thursday group - led by Shoshanah Thielle and Nancy Mac  - next group begins mid-May.

(If these particular times don't work for you, contact us and we'll let you know about the next group series.)

Each week, the class meets for 2 hours. In that time, you will go on 1 or 2 hypnosis journeys - exploring your deep intuition and wisdom.  

Cost: $150 -$250 (sliding scale)  for 6 evenings  ~   6:30 to 8:30 pm 

Note: We sometimes have a partial scholarship available.  Call and talk with us if you would like to attend this class and would need a reduced rate.

Maximum group size: 9 women

To register or for more info, call or text:

 What others have said about this class:

I loved this class.  It made such a difference in how I dealt with stress in my life.  I loved the group interaction. The hypnosis journeys that Shoshanah and Nancy took us on were amazing.  I want to take the class again.

--J.H (Eugene)

Nancy and Shoshanah helped us learn to use hypnosis to let go of past stress and trauma.  I use some of the exercises and images every day.  I recommend this class to any woman wanting to have more resources in her life. 


This class helped me with stress and anxiety more than the anti-anxiety meds I had tried. And without the horrid side-effects.  The class was fun and fascinating.  I look forward to signing up again when I have the time.   

-- Sandy K.

Call for more info and to reserve your spot.


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